About Us

Our Story:

At Casamara Design Studio, we believe in the transformative power of handcrafted luxury. Our journey began when our quest for cleaner, healthier products for our home led us to explore the art of craftsmanship. Inspired by our daughter, Amara, and driven by a passion for creating, we embarked on a mission to craft products that are not only great for the body and a feast for the senses but also kinder to our planet.

Our Craft:

Every product at Casamara Design Studio is a labor of love, meticulously crafted by hand. From our concrete candle vessels filled with cleaner-burning coconut apricot wax to our cold process soaps made with premium oils and butters, we pay homage to famous scents while ensuring sustainability. Our commitment to reusable and non-plastic containers speaks of our dedication to a greener future.

Meet the Creators:

Faith and Martin Thompson are the heart and soul behind Casamara Design Studio. Martin, with a background in marketing and photography, and Faith, a retail wiz with a fiery creative spirit, found a common ground in creating products that resonate with elegance and quality ingredients.